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About Ernie Tate

Ernie is an Idaho native and has a reputation for being the most thorough and knowledgeable home inspector in Southeastern Idaho. He has over 35 years experience as a turn key residential, and light commercial building contractor prior to becoming a full time home inspector in 1999. He is easily qualified as the area’s most experienced home inspector having personally inspected hundreds of homes.
Ernie is well known and respected in the Real Estate industry for his tenacity in fully inspecting homes/ buildings and their component systems. His customized, post inspection reports for his clients fully disclose the true condition of the home or building in an easily understandable format with included photos. Savvy home buyers know that hiring a fully independent home inspector is the surest way to receive a completely impartial home inspection. Previous to founding TCS, Ernie was a General Contractor and builder. During his years in construction his responsibilities included overseeing and actually performing a large percentage of the labor involved in residential construction projects. During the course of a typical project he personally would set grade for the project’s excavation, place the concrete foundations, frame the structure, build and or set roof framing, install exterior roofing, windows and siding material, install exterior entrance doors inclusive of overhead garage doors. Ernie oversaw the installation of interior mechanical systems, plumbing system installation, and the electrical system’s within the home. During the course of a projects interior finish, he insulated, hung, taped and finished the drywall system. Ernie’s reputation as a finish carpenter was second to none when it came to building cabinets, installing doors and interior trim. Ernie’s strict attention to detail during the construction process has carried over into his career as a residential, ranch, and light commercial structure building inspector.
Your Experienced Home Inspector
*Passed - National Home Inspector Examination® *Certified Radon Tester - National Radon Measurement Proficiency Program (EPA program) *Pending Certification - International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) *Certified by the State of Idaho as a building inspector for the 1997 UBCor the 1997 UBC
Ernie Is Passionate About Idaho
In addition to his many years of experience, Ernie has attended Boise State University and Idaho State University in pursuit of a Bachelor of Science in General Engineering. He has obtained many CEU's from numerous conferences, seminars and special classes in home energy audits, electrical and radon testing.

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Ernie has professional and courteous attitude towards friends and clients alike

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