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Arco, ID Inspector Ernie Tate

Are you looking for a home inspector in Arco, Idaho?  Look no further than TCS Home Inspections and Inspector Ernie Tate!

Arco Home Inspection Overview

Ernie will guide you through every step of the Arco home inspection process. From your initial phone call to Ernie, through the physical inspection of your new Arco home and on to the final report.

Additional Arco Inspection Services

Ernie Tate provides additional inspection services in the Arco area including:

  • Commercial Arco Inspections
  • New Construction Inspections
  • Phase Inspections
  • Draw Inspections
  • Energy Audits
  • Radon Testing

Reliable & Experienced Arco Home Inspector

Ernie has over 15 years of inspection experience in and around the Arco area.

  • Detailed & thorough inspection reports
  • Lengthy physical Inspections
  • Multiple photographs of the property being inspected
  • Call Ernie today and schedule your Arco Home Inspection!